My life has improved in all areas. Health. Wealth. Love. Relationships. Happiness. Lifestyle. Time well spent. Purpose. Meaning.

It’s been a hell of a journey. My life has improved in all areas. Health. Wealth. Love. Relationships. Happiness. Lifestyle. Time well spent. Purpose. Meaning. Substance in life. Class. All these things I worked towards

and it is all for ONE fundamental trait I gained from not fapping and watching porn which is: THE DESIRE FOR THE GOOD LIFE AND THE WILL, ENERGY AND CLARITY TO PURSUE AND ACHIEVE IT.

It all starts there. Very long story short. I dropped out of college, because I gained the balls and the clarity to see clear, emotionally and mentally. I am now on the verge of having one of the greatest entrepreneurs in my country as my mentor (multimillionaire, several well-known businesses). For a month I will be living with him and he will mentor me, because I created an opportunity for myself. I caught it. This guy didn’t know who I was 14 days ago. While I sharpened the axe getting ready for opportunity, increasing my energy, charisma and personal character, strength and discipline – others were indulging in bad habits. I deserve and I am happy to say that I am nailing life right now and I am proud of myself.

LINK – Crazy success story. From lost to purpose.

by downandupp


I just realized that it’s been 51 days, I actually made it this far. Might as well construct a report of my journey – benefits and the tough periods.

First 3-10 days free from PMO I experienced a quick spike in pure confidence and social self-worth. This was quickly taken away from me, as I entered a very heavy withdrawal phase. This included:

  • Anxiety
  • No appetite
  • Aggression
  • Deep depression
  • Emotional instability

This period of time was very tough for me, but I grinded it out with the help of withdrawal testimonials. This made me understand that this was just an inevitable phase that I had to ride out. So I did. It lasted from day 11-20.

What followed was a subtle renewed taste for life:

  • Libido starting to come back
  • better thoughts
  • More grounded mentally

This period I would call limbo, because it’s not quite there yet, but I could still feel that I was heading in a better direction. This lasted from day 20-36. This was a pre-taste to what was gonna come.

Where I’m at now, is mentally a place I yearned to be at when I started – and I realize now how long I have come. These are the “powers” I have experienced from approx. day 36 until now – and my brain is probably still rebooting:

  • Mental clarity Knowing what to say in social situations, being clear-headed, organizing your day etc.
  • Emotional clarity Diving deeper into different areas of your life. Health, wealth, love and happiness. Ability to revise and resolve these areas on a deeper level.
  • General happiness
  • Magic feeling around romance and love

Now I have done this before. My personal record is 64 days and I have had several month long streaks. Everything just seems to fall in place, but it does require effort – and there will be tough times. The biggest benefit of them all – in many cases overlooked or underrated is: WILL and DESIRE for something BETTER. AND the CLARITY to actually make that HAPPEN. Slowly but surely. Over and out fam! This is the way to go.

Hope this will inspire just one person. If not – I have had my gains from typing this out.

UPDATE – Nofap alone WILL save you.

I keep seeing these posts saying Nofap alone wont save you.. DUH, obviously if you don’t DO anything, nothing is going to happen – we all know that.

But what are you going to say to the person, who has no motivation, will or desire to do anything, because of fucked up sexual energy and dopamine receptors. That stuff is very real. VERY.

Nofap ALONE saved me. Literally. I did nothing but wait until the desire part kicked in, and oh boy I started doing stuff in the most fearless way and money followed. I know a lot of people are going to hate on this post, go ahead. All I’m saying is that you have it backwards. The action part is only there because of an intense desire to actually take action.. The desire comes before the action. You can’t just start doing stuff whacking away at something with half a heart. Then better do fucking nothing.

And no.. Desire can’t be created just because you start taking action. It comes because your system knows that it has to fucking do stuff, to be able to reproduce, that’s what it all leads back to. Your system will know what it has to do to get laid, when you start to become sensitive to your environment and yourself. MOTIVATION.

It all comes down to reproduction, because we are in our essence sexual creatures, and take that away from yourself and you take away your drive and your spirit of action and your will of DOING.

So just fucking wait until it kicks in. It may take 30 days, but just survive those 30 days. What’s the damn rush. It may take more, so be it. just. sur-vive. Everyone needs to fucking relax nowadays. Relax until you can’t take relaxing anymore, until you just want to be the f*cking best. 100% you will arrive at that spot if you don’t gamble with your sexual energy, which is your MOST valuable energy. How many times did you not feel tired, depressed, ashamed and out of motivation after a session? EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Without fail. I ask myself how many times did I feel the opposite of those things, when I’m going on streaks. Every single time. Wait, be patient, and stop hurrying and stop feeling guilty. Don’t do stuff half-hearted. Wait till the feeling and vibe is behind it, that’s when you’ll start getting those results and that respect.

No amount of self-help, can help you help yourself, if you don’t want to help yourself. Get it? Before all of that, you have to first want to help yourself –> aka. desire and pent up sexual energy.