My sex drive has increased & erections are harder, and I have an unusual amount of confidence around women

Hi all, I spent the end of last year researching both no-porn and nofap. I considered no-porn to be the better route of the two, and began my journey 90 days ago.

I used to view porn for about 20-30 minutes a day. Sometimes I would just browse porn out of boredom. I noticed I started getting really bored with “regular porn” so started to get more and more into reality porn. It caused for poor performance in bed with women, as the “scenario” in real life never lived up to the fantasy on the computer. After a few failed attempts to even get hard with women, I decided to cut the porn out.

I lurked this forum a bit, and Googled “is porn unhealthy” for days. I was searching for confirmation that I would get something out of this, or better yet, something back. The first few days were really weird, but I kept my mind busy by hitting the gym and spending less time on the computer. After about 4 weeks, I began to notice my sex drive was increasing. My erections were harder, and I started to get an unusual amount of confidence around women. Combined with more time in the gym, I could tell I was not only physically healthier but mentally as well. Now that I am 90 days in, I feel very liberated, and have had more success with women than in the past 3-4 years.

Now I don’t even think about it. Porn is super unappealing now and I have really mastered avoiding it. I am posting this in hopes that someone like me will read it and get inspired to try no-porn. Know that I was in your shoes and it’s absolutely worth giving it a shot.

LINK – 90 Days In… Was it worth it?

by throwawaynoporn