My social anxiety is completely gone – Thank fuck I found NoFap


I’m not counting the days anymore because this is something I’ve decided I’m doing for the rest of my life. Anyways, my social anxiety is completely gone. I used to be that guy who was quiet as fuck all the time, never smiled, was boring as hell and always always always worried about my looks and what people thought of me.

I was pretty much a pussy. But that’s all gone.

I feel like a man. I feel so confident. I give 0 fucks about what anyone thinks of me. I feel like socializing is sooo much easier and completely natural, like I’ve known how to do this for years, whereas before NoFap I couldn’t fucking look people in the eyes, have ANY sort of conversation with anyone, EVER, just always feeling judged and insecure.

Thank fuck I found NoFap. Do not relapse guys. That shit aint worth it. Peace

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by _Alerion