Never have trouble getting it up for my wife, and am more attracted to her than ever

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NoFap has been the best thing that ever happened to me – after almost 3 years. I haven’t been nearly as active over the past 18 months due to it not being a terribly large struggle. The first 90 days were the hardest, but after 180 days it just kind of left my life.

I was a guy who fapped probably 7-8 times a week in college, then thought when I got married the struggle would go away. That’s when I realized it was an addiction.

Been married now for 10 years (next month) and for the first year I hid it, then I got into counseling. Met with a counselor for sex addiction for about a year, and ran out of money. In that time I learned a lot about myself and decreased my fapping to about once a week, which I was happy with.

Then 3 years ago my first son was born. I thought about the damage pornography does on a young brain, and wanted to be an example for him, so I signed up for reddit and for nofap. Never looked back. This is actually the first time I have masturbated since joining reddit.

After quitting fapping I picked up crossfit (i know, its super douchey), it gave me a place to get my energy out. Now I am more ripped than I’ve ever been, never have trouble getting it up for my wife, and am more attracted to her than ever, and she just had our 3rd child, so her body isn’t… as good as it used to be. But I really don’t care cause normally i have nothing to compare it to.


By sgtfishlips