New Energy, No More Depression, Everyone Likes me Now, I Love my Family More

I PMOd about 8 Years on Daily Basis or Sometimes 5 Times a Week.

Before NoFap

  • My Life Ruined
  • Eyesight Weak
  • Depression
  • No Skills to Make Friends
  • No Respect For Elders
  • Criminal Minded
  • Addicted to Alcohol, Smoking and Prostitutes
  • Skinny Face and Body
  • Not a Healthy Person
  • Depression and Anxiety Feels Tired all the Time
  • Was No More intrested In Study
  • Fear to Talk with Peoples
  • No More Eye Contacts With Peoples
  • Fear To make Girlfriend
  • Everyone Hates Because I had a Really Bad Negative Attitude Due to POM
  • Friends Say You are Victim of Maturbation Its Kills me Because i Look so Skinny Because of that fucking habit
  • And Many Other Side Effects i Faced in my Life because of POM…

Now Today I feel Proud to Say that I am On Day 45 Without POM .. NoFap is A Great Idea and now its become Solutions For all my Problems Above … On My Day 45 Of Nofap I m feeling Following Benefits

  • I feel New Energy Now
  • No More Depression
  • Now at the Moment Chating with 2 Girls Which are from my College
  • Girls are More Attracted To me now
  • I Love my Family More than Anything now
  • Respect for everyone
  • No More Alcohol, smoking and Prostitutes
  • Eye Contacts Directly With Girls No More Fear
  • Making new Friends Day by Day
  • Everyone Noticing my New Attitude My New Behavior
  • Eyesight Improving which is Great Thing For me
  • No More Skinny Face And Body..
  • Making Muscles Now Exercising Alot..
  • Everyone Likes me Now
  • I hate Sex Word Now Because it Almost Ruined my Life

Now My Goal is to Hit noFap forever.. Because Everyone Wants Happy Life.. So Nofap Gave me that happiness..

One Advice To all of you Never POM Believe me Its Ruin your Life.. Your Mentality , its ruins your health Physical and Mentally Both … Its my Personal Experience and Latest Research Proved that PORN Shrink the Brain .. You Know Human Being Cant Live Without Brain So If you Want to Kill Yourself then Go For POM .. If you Dont Then Just Give a Try to Nofap and Save your Life…

LINK – My Journey

BY – Cute Hipster



Hello I am new here… First of all my english is not good enough so sorry for that .. 

Now i m going to tell u My Sad Story

I am 21 years old not a virgin …… I started fapping since i was 12 years old and first time when i started fapping its without porn I do it daily without porn continuously i fapped about for 1 year then at the age of 13 i started to watching porn clips through internet my brain was like a kid i didnt knw its harmfull for me my health … and so i continue fapping with porn from the age of 13 years now i am 21 so its 8 years i fapped front of computer on internet porn … its ruined my health completely .. My Face became Skinny My EyeSight Became Weak I got Glasses My Muscles Didnt Growth On those Years I was looking like a kid due to over porn and maturbation.. I Didnt Intrested in Study Anymore I didnt Achive any Goal in my Life , I am Very Weak to make relations, My Friends Says that i have bad habit of maturbation.. i dnt have confidence on those years i am completely shy in everything Got 2 girlfriends but i didnt intrest due to porn I ended my Relations With Girls Because of porn and maturbation i just like to see hot pornstars on internet and maturbate while seeing them so i completely Hate Real Life Girls because they are not like pornstars … Porn effected my Brain Everyone make a fun of me in school I cant Control my Emotions I cant Control my Life on those Years .. Everyone Just Hate me While i was on fapping and porn… It Just Ruined my Life in every way .. I cant Feel emotions I makes me insane fapping and porn makes my mind thinking like a criminal I addicted to alcohol and other bad things.. I was looking girls as a Sex Object … Girls Ignores Me It kills me … I didnt know in beginning what is the reason why my life is going to be ruined day by day I tried alot of things like going to gym reading books asking from friends but didnt help me …

So i searched on internet and i got a Great Idea of NoFapping its Really helps me I am curing my Brain its works great now better memory little bit better eyesight.. Feeling Energy Feeling Relations Like to Talk with Peoples .. After NoFapping i am Feeling myself as a new person Dont want to drink alcohol Now Dont Want To Involve in sexual Activities Nofapping helped me alot I just Love my Life now … Its Getting Better Day by Day Its Feel Great …
Just want to Give u One Advice If you love your mom and Dad Just Leave Porn and Maturbation for the sake of them … Its Ruin your life nothing else.. Its My Personal Experience ..

Take Care and Just Give me Feedback So I will Post my New Feelings and New Experience after NoFapping :)