New relationships, new sport, more concentration for studies

To describe how the 90 days have been: Walking on a tight rope bears some resemblance. At least that’s the image that comes to mind. Slipping off is so much easier than staying on.

You wake up in the morning and your phone is fully charged on top of your night stand. It’s so easy to just flick through some harmless Instagram pictures and from there go to some P site. So what I want to say is: It has not been easy, but it gets easier. And I truly think everyone can do it!

When I think back to day one, for some weeks before this date, I had tried miserably to get past just one week. This was definitely the hardest part. And I felt just more and more miserable for each relapse, for each time I had managed to stay away for a proportionate longer while.

I think there were several factors that helped me get this far. For one, I have one very good friend that I am in sort of a relationship with now. It’s sort of either or, sort of. Anyway, we at least try to see each other as often as we can. And we enjoy each other’s company.

Also I picked up grappling as a hobby, something I’ve come to enjoy a lot. It’s good to get out of your comfort zone. Good to come home late after and feel like you can sleep for three days straight. It is a very humbling sport too. And I got a lot of new friends!

My interest towards my studies has been heightened somewhat too. I used to have a strong detest to even open one of my books. But now there is more time to do it, so no excuse there. And also I think I might have gained some more stamina to continue reading, than I used to.

I never thought I was going to write my 90 day report! English is not my native language so please bear with me.

It feels good having gotten this far! But I don’t want to get too confident now, surely that will only put me back to square one faster than you can even say NoFap!

So some advice, I will keep it short, since there are so many good ones in this community already: Find some activity that just completely drains you. Be persistent about it and use it as a good substitute. Maybe you won’t quit fapping the day you start your new activity, but at least it will help counteracting it in the long run.

LINK – My 90 day report 

by Cutpastecopy