No longer intimidated by women, Huge decrease in depression, Rising in confidence, Not being a judgmental Dick, Seeing everyone as 3 dimensional people

I’m on day 60 here and I wanted to speak a bit on my experience so far. The first thing I can say is that for any guys out there who this was a real problem for, you are going to have to be patient on this journey because I’m still day 60 and I’ve seen a dramatic shift in my mindset and a lot of benefits, but I feel like there is still a lot more to come.

I did nofap initially to get girls, which it does help with, but I realized after 30 days that this has become about a lot more than that, and now it’s teaching myself discipline, removing old crutches, dealing with my emptiness and just becoming an all round better person.

Anyway here’s some list of benefits for you.

  1. No longer intimidated by women
  2. Seeing everyone as 3 dimensional people
  3. Not being a judgmental Dick
  4. Huge decrease in depression
  5. Rising in confidence
  6. Gym gains (10lb in 60 days and I lost fat)
  7. Feeling more attractive
  8. Better skin
  9. Better sleep
  10. More energy
  11. Feel like a man, like having control and being honorable but feel like if you had to you can kick some ass
  12. Women being attracted and interested in me because I’m being a better person and having some depth (and yeah I look better too)
  13. More respect from other dudes.

LINK – 60 days update and benefits

by Infern0121