No more floppy dick!


I haven’t posted here in over a year, and my flair hasn’t been updated for a long time. But guess what? My flair is up-to-date. The last time I fapped was in September 2015. The last time I had an inexplicable floppy dick was in January 2016.

It was very strange: I went through a few months of slow improvement, then flat-lined badly. My girlfriend and I did everything to get me aroused, but for about a week or two, nothing worked. I could come with a lot of effort, and even then it really did not feel good.

And then somehow, it got better. And I stopped losing boners. There have been a handful of bad experiences since:

  • Once when I was drunk
  • Once when I was stressed out as hell
  • Twice when I was tired
  • Once when we had simply had sex too many times in a short time span

Guys, you changed my life for the better, and I’m glad this happened to me. Once the change started happening for the better, keeping my hands away from my dick became the easiest thing on earth; the rewards were so great that I couldn’t even think of compromising that. It was definitely worth the difficult first months.

My goal has been completed, so I can safely bid you all farewell. I hope that, if you read this and are going through difficult times, my story can be a little inspiring. I know NoFap does work, even though I went through many moments where I thought I would be the exception who’s stuck with a floppy dick forever.

Good luck, all of you.

LINK – I seriously need to thank all of you

By crypticname