No more problems in the bed. Hard as titanium. Only think about my girlfriend – no more weird fantasy.

Hey guys, Here my 31 days streak without porn. In my bad English I will say some stuff I want to share with you.

I had a lot of struggle during sexual stuff with my girlfriend. Now I see the difference since the Pornfree.

  • My mind is only on my girlfriend, no more fantasy about pornstar in my head.
  • No more problems in the bed. It stays hard like titanium.
  • During our PIV, is now all about her and me in the bed. I used to think having a threesome … that’s was weird
  • My PIV is more emotional, I’m feeling good every times we share our feeling.

Every time I want to Fap or watch porn, I called my GF or text her. Since, I find I’m good to make her fantasized about me. But it also really hard to don’t fap during those calls .. It don’t really help for the nofap …

I still passed many hours on PC, watching stream or others. But no more porn in my life, I installed K9 Web Protection , deactivate adult content on reddit ( now when I see some titties, remind me how I fucking love my GF tits )

For people in relationship, stop watching porn help a lot, I was not addict but porn was enough in my life to give me problems.

I know I only speak about my relationship aspect. Sorry about that.

LINK – 1 month , some good stuff 🙂 ( maybe NSFW ) Freeporn help me in relationship.

by Hartiur