NoFap cured my delayed ejaculation


Results of NoFap: It has been 3 months without any P or M, only sex with my wife. About 80% of the time now I can finish inside of her in about 10-15 minutes. This is real success in my book, (and my wife’s).

[But] I told myself I don’t have a PM problem for years. Here were my justifications.

Justification 1:

I can’t have a problem since I generally go for 3-4 months before a good relapse binge of P and M. Most people can’t go a full week without PMO.

Justification 2:

My delayed ejaculation problem started after taking SSRI’s for a few months, so even though that was a few years back, it’s still affecting me. It’s the meds not P and M. Before SSRI’s I could cum inside my wife in about 5-10 minutes. Now, [prior to nofap] I either can’t come inside or it takes me 30-45 minutes.

LINK – NoFap cured my delayed ejaculation

by Tubal