NoFap cured my gaming addiction without me even noticing it

So a little backstory on me: before I decided to begin this journey, I was your typical socially awkward, gaming-addicted procrastinator. I was one of those guys who actually had amazing grades in high school and got full of themselves by the time they made it to college.

For nearly a year and a half, I would go to class but barely listen because I was too focused on how many games of League of Legends I was gonna be able to play that evening. Then the exams would come and I’d try to basically learn everything the night before. My grades would obviously take a hit from that and I’d promise myself I’d start studying earlier for the next exam. Procrastination thought otherwise. Some pretty idiotic shit overall.

Add to that the fact that I’d use any excuse to go jerk off during those rare study sessions, and you get the miserable piece of shit I’ve been for nearly 2 years.

Then comes this sub. I had heard about it before, but never bothered looking into it, until I got really bored browsing Reddit on my phone at 2 AM one night. I had been feeling like shit those past few days, so I decided ”Hey, I’ll give it a try, what could go wrong”.

Well, after only 15 days, things have gone anything but wrong. The motivation I got from reading this sub’s top posts got me to:

-Ask a girl out for the first time in my life. Sure it was probably the most awkward situation I’ve ever been in, and I got rejected, but I still did it.

-Start studying seriously. I can now easily work for 3 hours without feeling tired at all. On weekends I even go as far as 5 hours of non-stop homework.

-Start working out. I’m currently doing a 40 minutes treadmill workout daily (my silhouette is already pretty fit, all I really need is some muscle mass and better cardio) and might start going to this gym not too far from my college.

-Start taking cold showers, typically after my workout. This is a bit more recent, I’ve only done it twice so far. I almost chickened out the first time but just decided to say ”fuck it” before going in. As someone who is used to taking 15+ minutes hot steamy showers everyday, I never thought I’d be able to clean my self this quickly and efficiently before trying this out. I also found that it was much better than a hot one after exercising, as my muscles recover a lot faster now.

So yesterday, as I was about to finish studying for the physics exam I have tomorrow, I suddenly realized that I hadn’t played a single game of League for the past week. I decided to open up the client, but as I was about to login, I also realized I wasn’t even willing to play anymore, as it felt extremly futile compared to all the other things I was doing. I had just lost interested in the game I had been addicted to for the past 2 years… without even noticing it.

I know some of you will think 15 days isn’t that much and the changes I’ve made so far aren’t that extraordinary. But for me, this is all pretty huge, and I’m still a bit in disbelief that I was able to change that much just by reading this sub and randomly deciding to try it out.

Now I hope I can keep the streak going for as long as possible. I honestly haven’t had any problems with not relapsing so far, and that might be caused by me just being way too fucking busy with important things to even think about porn and masturbation.

All in all, I didn’t expect much from this sub, and it ended up blowing away all my expectations. Thank you, /r/NoFap , for making me a better human being :D.

LINK – NoFap cured my gaming addiction without me even noticing it

by TheEggRoller