NoFap definitely gets the girls’ attention


The streak I have now started when I started the new school year and honestly, it has been great. I talk to more people naturally, people talk to me more, I can stand in place without fidgeting or look at my phone, I would say girls look at me more but I haven’t really bothered to note every instance where this checked out, but they have definitely been talking to me more than I’m normally comfortable with.

This is the first year where I have close to all unweighted A’s, improved 200+ pts on the SAT, been more productive than ever (finishing assignments way before due date thanks to a lot of time being on my hands), college app process has been a breeze.

I’ll go into detail about the girl attraction since people tend to want to hear more about it (lol).

Contrary to what I said above to not taking notes everytime a girl looks my way or whatever, I do think I’m giving off less of a perverted vibe. You can kind of tell if you’re a PMO-creep or not by gauging how many times girls are willing to talk to you given circumstance like sitting next to you or something (I’m in school so it’s more common, idk about people at work and whatnot), and believe me no girl wanted to talk to me before I started NoFap. I did lose about 20 pounds (186->157 + or – 2) so maybe that has to do something with it but I’m not fit, I’m just skinny now.

But NoFap definitely gets the girls’ attention, I don’t know what I’m doing differently (besides NoFap), maybe it has always been like this but I never noticed before NoFap-who knows. Girls have been confirming my existence more(?) it kind of weirds me out because their questions are so awkward to answer but they would say things like “you’re 5ArseneP from 4th period right?”. I definitely look at girls less sexually, the first thing that pops to mind when I see a pretty girl isn’t an obscure sex position lmao doesn’t work very well sometimes (hormones probably).

Anyway, NoFap is super hard for me since I should be exploring sexuality or whatever at my age but honestly I have had so much school work I couldn’t even look at nsfw material even if I wanted to.

My big tip is to get yourself away from technology when urges strike because thats how I end up peeking and feeling like shit, technology + urges. Also talk to girls or even guys more, I think socializing can really help with keeping urges in check. Rest up a lot, I noticed that I get super tired on NoFap and we all know what happens when tiredness and horniness combines. Listen to some good songs, like many others here, songs sound amazing while on Nofap, get spotify and explore your favorite artists’ related artists.

I’m currently 17 and am attending High School. I tried NoFap for about 1 year I think but only got serious about it as Junior year was about to end. I had a couple streaks that ended from relapse or I just reset my  counter because I peeked and it didn’t feel right.

I don’t like posting here since all I really have to offer are counter updates but decided to post because I just voluntarily looked at a nsfw subreddit. Yea I know I hate myself for it, I didn’t get horny, I got frustrated with myself which is good I think.

All in all, good luck with your journey, if a hormone packed 17M can go 90+ days without relapsing when my school is a tad bit famous for having attractive individuals, you can do it!

LINK – [17 M] Day 96 Report: Everything that NoFap helped me achieve

By 5ArseneP