Nofap has changed me

I started college in September, I’m a freshman. I moved to a whole new state and knew not a single person, I preferred this though. I love meeting new people and having to fend for myself in unknown territories. Anyway.

There are soooo many hot girls over here, like tons of them. I’ve been hooking up with a lot, only had sex with one though. However, my dilemma lies in this one girl who lives in my block (I live in a complex of other freshmen). Shes not the usual type I’d go for, I didn’t think she was amazingly good looking the first time I met her. But I guess nofap has changed me. Ever since I met her, I’ve hung out with her almost every day and we have such good fun together. Then one night I made my move, and it was great. We stayed in each others beds on three occasions over the last three weeks after we came home from being in the club. I’m really starting to like her.

BUT!! I’m a college freshman!! I don’t want to be committed to one chick during my freshman year, I should be going out and hooking up with loads of girls so I can look back on my college years and think hell yeah man, they were awesome. I’m only 19 years old and in my prime hooking up years, I should be out taking advantage of the college scene before I get too old and it becomes too late! I apologise if this post is turning into a relationship advice column, but I guess us Fapstronauts have the best insight into what’s best for someone in my position. We have a clear vision of real women and relationships that aren’t polluted by virtual reality scenes. So I guess my question to you guys is; do I keep my limitations to this one girl, or do I go out and take advantage of having fun while I’m young and in college?

LINK – Almost 300 days in, and I’m beginning to fall for girls…

by Lefaisant