NoFap has changed my life. I have the power to go through life and fix problems


I finally reached the 90 day mark. I will describe my journey. I have failed so many times on NoFap. Just because I didn’t had the right method. I always relapsed and then I said I’m not going to do it [use porn] anymore.. And bam! I relapsed. This led to not feeling myself in my own body. Not in control.

If I can put a number on how many days I felt good and happy in this journey. 20/90

There where so many withdrawels. I literally fucked up my mind so bad. All kind of stages and withdrawels:

  • Depression
  • Unmotivated
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Frustration

– …

There were like 4 times I was on the edge of relapsing:

  1. 1x someone who was very active on NoFap quit and relapsed.
  2. 1x Problems with my ex/life.
  3. 2x The withdrawels. Feeling like absolute shit for no reason.

I didn’t gave in. And at the day 80 mark I wanted to relapse just because there wasn’t any good feeling left in myself. It was the hardest part. Nothing could make me happy.
Then it happened: 7 consecutive days of feeling awesome!

So how did my life changed? I am happy. I am feeling like I should be feeling. I am not scared of woman. I am not scared of life. The withdrawals have faded. For now.. There will be moments that I will be feeling sad. But that’s just life.

I’ll keep a journal post 90 day. Because I don’t want to be that guy who relapsed and binged to be just where he started.

There are two things that need to still improve:

  • Concentration/ memory
  • Motivation.

NoFap has changed my life. I have the power to go through life and fix problms if needed to. No more time wasting and binging in front of a pc.

Most important: How did I do it? Literally going outside every fucking day to talk about your withdrawals and feelings. Just talking to yourself. It may sound stupid every single day. But this was my problem, my subconscious mind kept me relapsing. So I needed to be in control.

Right now I have this feeling where I feel I will not relapse and I don’t need to go outside. But I will, I will keep going outside to focus. I don’t want to relapse.

Sex is ok. Pmo not.

LINK – 90 days. Thanks NoFap.

by Larry