Nofap has cured 90% of my social anxiety

Well I’m pretty sure it has anyway. I stopped watching porn last Christmas so over 7-8 months ago. I think it was a very good decision to quit porn i got such a rush watching it and surely that couldn’t have been healthy. So after that I had periods of free MO but it went on relapse then couple weeks nofap and so on.

The longest I went MO was a couple months I stopped counting the days as it makes it harder I think. I relapsed last Sunday unfortunately but not to porn just to some instagram photos lol but I know it’s still bad. I felt horrible after it for days. Do you guys think its possible nofap has cured most of my social anxiety?

TL/DR quit porn months 7 months ago. Continued MO on and off but went a couple months fap free but relapsed recently.

LINK – Nofap has cured 90% of my social anxiety

by funthrowaway2121