NoFap helped me realize how full of s**t I am

As a fapper, I used to be in my head so much, it was hard to care, empathize and understand other people. I was isolated, had terrible social anxiety and simply wanted to live in fantasy world…however as I got older I realized that I can’t escape reality and slowly started to come out of my shell. Very slowly and I focused on unimportant stuff. Only when I started NoFap did I really started to change.

Yesterday, I was at a birthday party of my female friend and later that night ended up alone with her (no, it’s not going to be that kind of story, she is in fulfilling relationship). We chatted and she told me about her past, how she was the youngest girl in family, her alcoholic father, how she needed to be the strong one in family…and it shows. She is a strong person that I respect very much.

Anyway..I was listening to her and as I left I realized how silly it is to be so down about myself. I come from relatively fine family, we do not have any material problems and my own problem is only that I care(d) too much about other people´s opinions of me and couldn’t keep my dick in my pants.

It gave me new perspective…. made me realize that we are all troubled in some way and that is the reason we should all try to get along with one another. Or at least not judge so harshly. And be kind to others and ourselves. Give support. It feels like I am making real connections with people for the first time in my life.

Of course I “knew” it long time ago but only since I started NoFap I began to truly understand it and change my behaviour and thoughts naturally. It is liberating.

edit: Thank you for your responses and I am glad it helped and motivated some of you.

LINK – NoFap helped me realize how full of s**t I am

by ProgressNoPerfection