NoFap Streak Over (77 Days) + What I Learned (Vlog)

Synopsis (Day 77) Before NoFap, I did experience ED with like the last couple girls, which was in the past year. And during sex I was in my head a lot. I wasn’t in the moment and the sex wasn’t as enjoyable as it could have been – I now realize. I would find my thoughts on porn positions and orchestrating changes. I worried about technique, and whether she was enjoying it…or I was enjoying it.

I wasn’t a really heavy porn user, maximum half an hour per session, and half the time I used my imagination instead.

After I started my NoFap streak, I felt really damn good by 30 days of NoFap. A bit of withdrawal around day 20. After day 30 I plateaued. ThenI started socializing at day 40 and having sex. Then my life became really awesome. Sex was different. I was completely in the moment, making good eye contact. I was more passionate. That made it so much better. I was more turned on during sex than I had been before.

I also meditate twice a day now, which may have helped. NoFap has also taught me control over my sexual urges. No more jones-ing when I see a sexual image. I started feeling more confident. NoFap showed me the difference between real sexual urges and when I would just turn myself on out of boredom.