Non veni, vici.

I was never a habitual PMOer (I never even really masturbated until I was very late in high school and even then it was very rare) but fell into a bit of a habit due to general human weakness. It was happening a few times a month, and at its worst once or twice a week.

I was nowhere near the addiction many of us struggle with, but I knew what it could turn into, and did not want to risk it. I tried to go at it on my own but it wasn’t working, but when I joined this community it kept me very accountable and motivated.

I had my ups and downs, came very close a few times (I seem to recall the 60 day or so mark being the hardest) to relapsing but never finished, and holy shit, I’ve never had so many wet dreams in my life even during other periods of abstaining. It got sore. Anyway, now that I’ve reached the point I’m at, I feel like I’ve broken the urge to PMO and I’m free, albeit wiser knowing that it can happen to anybody and I should never get presumptuous. The community was invaluable. Here’s to life as a fapstronaut!

In the meantime, I poured many hours into intensive study of Latin and while I never finished the book because life got out of the way, you can see the product of my study in the extremely adolescent humor in the title.

LINK – 90 Day Report: Non veni, vici.