Not addicted, but erections and attraction to GF much improved

So I started noticing that I was watching porn more than I use to this past few months. Even signing up to some pretty big porn sites with fake email and “gift cards”

Then I read the “cult” like forums I consider these forums to be. And quickly said to myself “alright let’s not watch porn for a while and see if I have a problem”. Suffice to say I went 25 days str8 without watching porn OR masterbating. Still had sex with my gf tho.

I would stop completely but pple talk of this Flatline and I just want no part of that. So I decided to drastically cut back my Porn. I was normally watching porn 4-5 nights of the week when my gf wasn’t around. I said enough of that, now I have cut that number to ONCE a week. Sometimes 1nce every 2 weeks.

So another month has passed. I have noticed these results: -EQ is rock hard and I’m lasting very long in bed. Possibly the best sex I ever been able to have.

-I get my erections much easier And my flaccid is fuller along with my nuts.

-I’m not constantly thinking of porn or if I will PMO today or not. Knowing I can only do it once and usually what I do is il do the porn session early in the week, 3-4 days before I will see my gf. This literally raises my libido that as soon as I see my gf and a lil kiss she feels my cock becoming engorged lol.

-Able to concentrate more on tasks instead of procrastinating.

All in all, I feel like I could one day give it up for good, but I really don’t want to “flatline” and I feel as 1 porn session every week or 2 keeps me on an even keel and keeps my libido sky high, all while KNOWING I’m not addicted to porn. No one that can use porn once a week can possibly be addicted lol.

This has worked for me and I plan to continue this until I’m more comfortable simply masterbating without it (something I have only done like once in the past year). So my next goal is to incorporate a once a week Non porn fap session. Until I can simply fade it out entirely or maybe porn now once every 3-4 weeks.

I know cold turkey works best for most. But I seem to be one of the few it seems that can simply say no to porn and just not look at it for weeks at a time. And if I do, it’s one time thing and no binge is necessary.

I really feel for those of you that have REAL problems. But I’m starting to think the guys with real addiction are starting to make it sound like ANYONE WHO WATCHES PORN IS WRONG AND ADDICTED. It’s simply not true.

I feel addicted would mean: PORN every night (if alone) maybe multiple times a night. And someone that simply can’t go without it for more than a few days. If you fall into THAT category then I wholeheartedly AGREE, you need a major rewire. Some of us however can control themselves, and porn can be an indulgence I take part in only mildly and relatively harmless.

LINK – Some of you must have some REAL problems. This was easy. And rather enjoyed it.

by Letsjustbehonest007