Now have fast wit without hesitation and I’m actually funny


From day 1-30 i didn’t really notice a drastic change. i had all the normal things like facial hair growth, muscle mass, deeper voice. yada yada. Which is amazing. Now I’ve just reached day 40 and something has changed, like i honestly DON’T GIVE A SHIT about what anyone thinks or what i do.

My mind is not overthinking anything which is very scary for me since i’m a quiet person and don’t really have much to say. but i love it so far.

My Sarcasm is far unmatched in with my friends and people i know. Not in a bad way, but the wit i have and how fast without hesitation i’m actually funny

Ex: Went to a Halloween party this weekend, not usually the mingling type kinda just sit back and watch everyone. BUT i ended up at a table with 3 women and a few guys, talking and keeping up conversations like i actually fit in. Amazing.

Also at the party this question came up from a card game and i grabbed it, Said, does porn turn you on and when was the last time you watched it? so naturally laughed and looked at everyone said with a straight face and said 40 days and nights. The look on their faces were priceless and they didn’t believe me lol.

LINK – I’ve become sarcastic and i have a newfound ego

by 3l33