Now, I can willfully push myself for tasks and focus. I can even direct my emotions

Finally, I made it to 90 days. Feels like a hell of a ride. Fuck! I now realize, I am born a male, a source of energy. When I was masturbating, I was content. I was not aware of this energy.

Now, I can willfully push myself for tasks and focus. I can even direct my emotions. This is great, Maybe testosterone or something did. I am not content but why should I be? No one is content in roller coaster but the motion is fun.

I got rejected while asking to hold a girl in room (yes “asking” – LOL!). It does not matter, because I am growing. At least now I have “will” to do things in real which masturbation had always “faded” before.

I am on the verge of being rejected in love by another girl whom I truly love. Only if I could feel like today just an year back, she would have fallen for me. But I was content from masturbation, and ignored her signs, gave priorities to my career blindly. Maybe some other guy touched her already which I did not provided in time. Even if I lose her, let it be – I am going to grow past it, and find another beautiful girl, and love. That’s life.

And all the confidence just from that raw energy that I got from NoFap. I was on hard mode till 60 days. But I did edged maybe 5-6 times because I was getting to close to this other girl I love.

This time no matter what, I will spend the next 90 days on hard mode. My actions is life is going to play the part, not simulation of my dick.

There are many other benefits too, and of course it was hard. But these are the things I wanted to write, also not bore you guys. So, any questions are welcome 🙂

Wishes Pals & Thanks NoFap!

LINK – Here is my initial 90 days report, pals 🙂

by npranav