Now, I feel relaxed and natural talking with women without a hint of anxiety

First off, I’d like to state that nofap by itself probably isn’t a wonder-drug that will magically start fixing all your flaws, but it is a VERY important component to self-improvement.

Some months ago, I started making a real effort to improve myself physically as I became increasingly dissatisfied with my appearance and health. I eliminated all the crap from my diet, gave up marijuana and started lifting weights. I had already started to cut back on PMOing (from daily, to once every few days, to once every 5 days or so) before discovering nofap and doing away with it entirely, so don’t let my badge mislead you into thinking that simply abstaining from masturbation for a few weeks will yield big changes.

Now, onto the results!

-I’ve become much more confident and assertive, previously I had great anxiety with confrontation, inquiring about this or that with strangers. I’m currently on track to join the army and dreaded communicating with them about my application, afraid that my anxiety would get the better of me and I’d sound like a stuttering fool. Now, I’m getting fed up with the constant paperwork delays or finding out that they have yet to process the information (references, medical etc) that I gave them last week, and think nothing of calling up or emailing a recruiting officer with the tone of ‘what the hell is the hold-up?’

-Emotions are returning. I was numb, apathetic and bored most of the time, and didn’t find much enjoyment in anything. Yet a few days ago, I stumbled across a painting about an anecdotal historical tale that touched my soul and made tears well up in my eyes. What I would have considered mundane or cliche before now moves me deeply.

-My energy and focus are through the roof, I love writing would occasionally have bouts of creative passion where I’d pump out a few pages of work in a short time, but then that moment would pass and I’d find myself at a block, the thing would rest on my desktop for months without being touched. I’ve finally begun writing the book that I’ve had in my head for years, and have been able to sustain my interest in it for a couple weeks now, adding bits every day or so.

-My insomnia and poor sleeping habits are gone. No more tossing and turning for three hours at night, no more bed at 3am and waking up at noon.

-The big one: Socializing with the womenfolk. I never had much luck communicating with gals and it was the height of my anxiety, I always felt like a clumsy 4-year old with two left feet when I tried conversing with them, agonizing in my mind over what to say next, what she’s thinking, did I say the wrong thing? etc. I’ve become more active on social media and out of the blue, several of them have initiating contact and conversation with me, I feel relaxed and natural talking with them without a hint of anxiety.

Couple days ago, I got invited to a skype group by a couple friends and joined a call in progress. 6 guys, 1 girl, most of them strangers to me. We talked about various things and 20 or so minutes into it, she added me as a friend and sent me a message wanting to further discuss a topic the rest had already moved on from. Don’t know what happened but we’ve been messaging each other endlessly over the past couple days discussing everything under the sun. She sent me a pic of herself and I couldn’t believe that this stunningly gorgeous blonde was interested in talking with me constantly. It brought me no small amount of happiness and joy this morning when I woke, made my coffee and sat down at my computer to find 3 messages from her prodding me to see if I was awake yet.

I can’t believe how much progress I’ve made, a few months ago I could never have envisioned any of this happening. Keep doing what you’re doing fapstronauts, and constantly strive to find new ways of bettering yourself.

LINK – I’m seeing results!

by Kharloth