Now, I have absolutely no problem expressing my thoughts in front of 200-300 people


Almost 6 months! Not really enthusiastic about it, because I’ve been in a flatline for almost the whole time. But recently I’ve felt promising moments that the flatline might be coming to an end. I’m slowly starting to taste the fruits.

Yes, almost 6 months of flatlining on monkmode – you read it correctly. It’s one hell of a journey and I’m aware it might discourage many people. I recently saw a user being in disbelief that someone had a 35 day long flatline. It may be much worse and it probably will be much worse than just 35 days.

t. a PMO addict of 10 years

Alright, alright. I know that you clicked on this because you want to know about the benefits I’ve experienced. Although it’s been a stagnation on emotional part for the last 6 months, I’ve noted the feedback that has come towards me. My social anxiety exists now only in healthy doses (as in almost non-existant). Due to my job I have to interact with lots of people and I have absolutely no problem talking and expressing my thoughts infront of 200-300 people – this is coming from a guy who used to sweat himself dry and hit mental error infront of 20 people not year ago. The confidence in the way I walk, talk and the way I carry myself around and the confidence in my thoughts and beliefs has been the major player on this journey of mine.

All of this confidence has changed drastically the way people treat me and how they act around me. It is as if I bring a new kind of aura to the room. Never in my life have people told me that they look up to me, but during the last 3 months I’ve been told this around 10 times. Like I said – the way I carry myself around and the way I express myself has changed drastically. I’m actually confident now, I believe in myself, in the things I do and it shows.

I have also experienced many physical changes, (bodyweight, facial hair, tone of voice etc) but I’m rather sceptical about it whether it has anything to do with noPMO-ing.

I’ll share you a little secret. The best I’ve ever felt in my life was when I was on a 45 day digital detox. Think quitting PMO is hard? I must say that living without the internet (or with an extremely moderate use of the internet) feels quite an impossible thing to do, but I think that’s where the REAL benefits (or if you want to call them “superpower”) lay at. That being said, I suggest you check out the subreddit dedicated to this –

LINK – Day 170 monkmode

By UgundoKrotimo