Now my feelings are more intense and, somehow, more real

Well, after three months, I want to write some words to encourage the beginners and to cheer me up.
If I’m not wrong, the challenge was 90 days. At least, when I started, I read somewhere ‘try for 90 days and then decide what to do’. So that’s been my motivation through these 3 months. That, and the hope of becoming a new person.

Story time (you can skip it)

I can’t exactly remember why I started. It was the 23rd of April. I took a Biology exam and, as a reward, I masturbated to porn. For a long time, I had been thinking there was something wrong with me. I didn’t like myself, I wanted to be more confident, more sociable… on the whole, I wanted to become a better person.

To do that I had to leave my comfort zone, and that REQUIRED quitting porn. Though it wasn’t the source of the problem, it was indeed a great part of it. So I started a nofap+pornfree streak. I lasted 32 days with nofap, as I thought it was no use after a month.

After changing my attitude and behavior towards life, I felt quite happier, I really started to see things getting better. A great improvement was going out with a girl for the first time in 3 years. I’ve tried to get rid of my shyness, but flatlines have been making it difficult all along. Now that I had reached stability, I feel like falling in the flatline again, so I’m writing this post to give myself the strength I’m going to need in the rest of my journey, which I hope lasts forever.

To the newcomers:

After 90 days, I reckon quitting porn is not what has changed me. Like cold showers, it has been really helpful. However, you have to keep putting your effort everyday to see improvements, because, in the end, it’s YOU who makes the change.

For me, the main advantage of quitting porn resides in the way I feel. Now my feelings are more intense and, somehow, more real. With cold showers I’ve earned a lot of willpower. As you can see, both have helped me change my way of being, though I’ve had to be persistent to make my life change, and I feel there’s still a long way to go.

My advice for you: just be strong, it’s worth looking back and remembering how you’ve felt through your journey, what you’ve accomplished and what’s left.

If you feel urges, don’t fight them. Learn to face them, to live with them. I grant you that, although they won’t disappear, they’ll end up fading eventually, and you’ll notice they’re weaker and harmless for your streak.

TL;DR. I’d never have imagined I’d reach this far, but here I am, quite proud of myself and feeling realized. I’ve learnt porn isn’t the source of the problem, but getting rid of it helps a lot.

Good luck and keep it up!

LINK – I did it! (90 days report)

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