On NoFap for a while. Seeing a HUUUUGE difference in life.

As for the changes in my life, while I was in my 7 year relationship with my ex, she would get extremely jealous if I so much just interacted with a girl. So I almost made no girlfriends at that time.

I’ll be honest and say that I regret it in a way and has brought serious implications in my present life. I was extremely awkward with girls.

But a few months in NoFap, that has completely changed. Although, I did not get laid or into any sort of relationships with a girl, I saw 1000000% improvement in this matter. I am done with school and I work freelance at home so the only place I get to meet girls is in the gym. Almost any girls I talk to, whether I was interested romantically or just wanting to genuinely create a friendly relationship, girls always react positively. I think it also has something to do with having a strong social circle in the gym, half of the people know me by name including all the staffs. I will definitely give credit to NoFap for creating this social circle as well. I wouldn’t normally just be sociable in a place like this. Part of why people notice me is also I am training for Powerlifting, and my progress has been shooting through the roof (again, NoFap).

Now I find conversing with girls very natural. Now I don’t think about what to say and I easily just make jokes all the time. Even better sometimes I find the jokes really lame, the girls still laugh hysterically still. A lot of girls would come in close invading my personal space and touch me while flirting with me. Normally, I would take a step back, but now just stand ground and we create a more intimate interactions like this. I get more comfortable touching girls as well. I’ve never felt this kind of interactions with any other girls besides with my ex for a long time. I truly believe that I can start a meaningful relationship with a girl when I am completely ready.

Now you may think that all I talk is just about girls. I’ll admit, before this, as disgusting as it sounds now, I used to see them as sex objects. I would see a girl and would think of how I am going to fuark them and stuff. Now the thought of it is just disgusting. I am talking about this because I am sure half of the people who read about NoFap are solely interested in just trying to get laid. I was one of them. Halfway through the brutal, painful battle of NoFap, I realised that NoFap is more than just trying to get laid… wait scratch that. It has nothing to do with getting laid. It’s merely just to make you become what a real man is. Very cheesy, but that’s probably the best way to put it. The way I see it, things are just going to improve from here.

Also I am not sure if it helps. I am actually Asian, below average height, average looking, but not scrawny. And on top of that I am actually I am a FOB in US. I have no accent though. I say this because I see a lot of post by Asian guys (not in this reddit) saying they can’t talk to girls at all. So I am just putting it out there.

So I have been doing NoFap for a while since I broke up with my GF last year. While I have to admit part of the reason I did NoFap was to get girls (no judging please), I was clearly in the wrong state of mind
as I was exposed to this.

I have been going on for a year now, and got myself couple of relapses that lead to quite a bit of binging(mostly just to very amateur vanilla porn, nothing hardcore or weird at all). But I get back in strong and in full confidence every time and I immediately see the benefits of it. I’ll say this. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think the effects mindset and determination greatly outweighs the fact that actually relapse if I did. A couple of
times that I relapsed, I just told myself “it’s no big deal, just get back into it like you mean it” and it really shows. While I am not encouraging myself to relapse and keep telling myself it’s no big deal, I find that it’s how I deal with it mentally that matters most. While I believe there is some brain chemistry in play, but again, ultimately your mind controls everything.

Cliffs :

  • Started NoFap since breakup with GF to get girls.
  • Realized that was a stupid mindset.
  • Big changes in social life especially interacting with girls.
  • Things are just gonna get better from here.

LINK – On NoFap for a while. Seeing a HUUUUGE difference in life.

by mimmozz