Overwhelmed by the joy I get from doing the simplest things for myself and with others


It seems like the last 10 days since I last wrote a post has flown by but the goal has been achieved and I can honestly say it has worked. The quick run down of what has been achieved.

1. I have not looked at porn or masturbated for 90 days.

2. Looking at porn is no longer part of my daily ritual and for that matter neither is masturbation.

3. Started a relationship with a woman despite having no intention to do so, and to be honest, being in a situation that is totally unlikely for this to happen.

4. I told 1 other male friend that I was doing this (about a week ago) and he genuinely couldn’t believe that not only was I doing it, that it was infact achievable but praised the effort nonetheless.

What Have I Learned.

The simple fact that, like most things not done in moderation, porn and masturbation can be unhealthy. Maybe not entirely on their own but because of the time spent doing it, the cravings, fixes, guilt cycle means that you lose focus on life, spend less time with people, loved ones, working on social skill, improving yourself somehow or just simply living.

Switching from something negative to something positive in my life has opened up part of me that has been empty for a long time and I am genuinely overwhelmed by the sensitivity of my emotions and the joy I get from doing the simplest things for myself and with other people.

Porn is gone, masturbation, not sure yet, but with a new person in my life I feel that I owe it to them and myself to keep this going.

Thanks to all of those who have gone before me, those who are currently doing it and for sharing with us what their journeys are bringing them, it’s been a constant source of inspiration and reassurance.

LINK – done it. 90 days report

By cmuirltliesr