PIED – A little boy has died and a man has been born


I feel like a man. A real, serious, hard man. Before I did nofap I was a cowardly little boy… that little boy has died and a man has been born. Since starting nofap ive noticed so many changes. I am more social, my anxiety has gone way down. I no longer have urges.

I used to be unable to gain and maintain an erection, now I get them all the time and after a few short strokes and they take so long to die down. I have more energy and I am much less nervous around women. Ive even started seeing someone. I’ve honestly never felt better

Do nofap, superpowers are real and its well worth it.

I’m in my late 20s, I’m in Monk Mode. It was very difficult to get an erection unless I was watching porn…. I’m in Monk Mode until marriage.

LINK – I feel like a new man since starting nofap. What I experienced with nofap.

By Glaurungsthrowaway