PIED gone after a year of hardmode – sex multiple times a day


Anyway, I’ve been doing hardmode the whole year after realizing how bad porn has screwed me up. It led to ED and pretty much ruined my personality and caused immense depression. Literally hooking up with 10’s in college and couldn’t get it up to save my life, the embarrassment was the tip of the iceberg for me individually.

On to the story. I never had any interest in relationships due to no empathy honestly caused by porn, but I now found a girl I truly like. We went to high school together and started talking on Facebook, now we are dating. Only problem being we live in different states.

Well I went home for Christmas break and wanted to test out this NoFap after a year of hardmode, and GOD DAMN…. not to be graphic but the ED was non existent, more stamina than ever in my life (usually I was a one and done but now I can go forever it seems) and I could get it up minutes even seconds after finishing. Home for 2 weeks, sex multiple (3,4,5) times a day, it was amazing, like nothing I ever experienced.

Here’s the thing, I get back, first thing I do is relapse… again and again and again. My mind state is back to the start of nofap it seems, the trip home helped my confidence, but now not so much. After thinking on it, it seems the binge sex did something to my brain and dopamine levels. My question being, has anybody encountered this issue as well? Any help/tips would be great, I wish the best of luck to any of you in the future, trust the process.

LINK – Well back to square one

By Hockey1931