PIED gone! Rock-hard boners again. Sex and daily life with wife better


The primary change is that I no longer have PIED! That was my main motivation. Also, I feel a whole lot better about myself now that I don’t look at the shit and spend hours on the internet watching porn.

I’m married and I also see my wife in a whole different light. I realized through NoFap that I was objectifying her and thought my ED was her fault because she just didn’t do it for me anymore. Once I figured this PIED and porn thing out (from YBOP and NoFap), it was like a light came on and my relationship improved right away. I saw that the ED was my fault and quitting PMO made sex better and daily life with her better. (Life has ups and downs, so it’s not always perfect but I at least have the correct perspective now on things. Being addicted to porn fucks up your thinking.)

I was already a fairly confident, outgoing person and so I didn’t see big changes in that area, but I did have a few people mention that I seemed more talkative. It’s all been good. I never planned to give up MO forever, just porn and PMO. But it’s turned out I don’t really feel like I need MO either even without porn now. I feel like I can MO without porn if I want to, but I know it won’t be a problem and I’ll never use porn. I recognize that I was an addict and can’t go back.

Around 40 days is where I started getting those rock hard boners again!! And I’m still getting ’em 230 days later. Gotta love NoFap for bringing that back! I was out of the flat line by day 40. It lasted about 2 weeks and then I felt awesome when it ended, ready to take on the world, hornier than I’d felt in years, but loved feeling like that. It made it harder to stay strong but I made it through. I remember at 40 days it was my birthday and I’d been horny after and was hoping to have successful sex but it didn’t happen. Tried but not a good boner. But then 3 days later, bam, it worked.

By now, I have no interest in porn at all. It feels great to be free!


By nopornnomo