PIED – I feel, that by now I’ve disassociated the strong link between P and MO


I started with NoFap back in 2012 after I experienced my first signs of PIED. I had heard of NoFap in social anxiety related circles so I thought, alright. First months were 1-2 weeks streaks. Around 2014 I moved over to pornfree but continued to try fight in both fronts.

Today is the day I have reached the magical field of triple numbers for the second time.

I finished my 90 days NoFap challenge last year while having a 100 day PF streak. I decided to quit NoFap but as I did, I started craving for the P, so the next day my PF streak was lost. What did I do differently this time? I had a 30 day PF streak before quitting NoFap…then did nofap for 50 days and then, being mindful of my previous mistake, quit NoFap intentionally and tried to keep building the PF streak…that was almost a month ago. In my opinion it was a success.

I feel, that by now I’ve disassociated the strong link I used to have between P and MO. I realized that each nofap+PF combo streak and a relapse after that was only making the link stronger so it has been in my mind to break the link for a year now. And this is why I’ve made it so far without having to fight intense urges at the moment. I’m going to keep going.

Thanks for the PF community for being here. I hope that if you feel you’ve been struggling for too long and feel like giving up, as if you could never change, think of me – it has taken me more than 3,5 years to get to this point, I’ve felt the same way. What matters is just a dull just-stick-to-it attitude. After all, the aim of PF is not to build the longest streak, but to create the lifestyle of a pornfree person.

Edit: Thank you all 🙂

LINK – Made it to 100 🙂

by NudaeVetatur