PIED reversed – I told myself “OK, from now on when I do MO or have sex I’m only going to think about my own body doing things.”


It was May 15th of 2017 that I first started taking steps to reverse my PIED.  During that same time I was also testing various antidepressants and ADHD meds so it’s hard to tell exactly how long it took to correct it since a lot of those meds had sexual side effects.  I started seeing improvement after the first month, but things weren’t quite where I wanted them to be so I kept at it.

I had multiple relapses over that time.  Some worse than others.  Some of the relapses didn’t seem to make any real difference but some definitely did. 

I really think quitting porn isn’t enough.  At least it’s not the most effective way to improvement.  There should be an active effort to place your sexuality back within your own body. 

This is obviously not true for everyone but for me since most of the porn i watched was all women, when I’d PMO I’d be fantasizing about stuff that I wasn’t a part of.  I seemed to make the most progress not when I’d given up porn for a long time, but when I told myself “OK, from now on when I do MO or have sex I’m only going to think about my own body doing things.” 

Honestly, I haven’t given up porn.  I’m on Fetlife again, and the chat rooms where my friends share dirty images, and even check pornhub occasionally.  While I’m spending waaaaaaaaay less time on those sites than I used to, I’m also being more mindful about how I use them.  Take this with a huge grain of salt, but I actually suspect that using porn, particularly POV stuff, can be beneficial to the process for some people.  I know some of us have a harder time with the addiction side of it, so that’s probably not a great idea for them.  But some of my thoughts on that came from reading this: https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/how-therapists-treat-young-men-porn-induced-erectile-dysfunction-2017

Anyway, I just wanted to be another person saying that it absolutely is possible to reverse PIED if you’re willing to stick with it. 

Good luck!

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INITIAL POST (6 MONTHS EARLIER) – Staying kinky while rebooting

So I just realized last night that PIED is likely a problem for me and that I should take steps to fix it.  I think that a big part of the problem for me is that I wouldn’t use porn to masturbate; I just watch it whenever I am bored.  I’m not sure if that means rebooting will be faster or slower for me.  So I deleted Tumblr and removed myself from some chat rooms that shared a lot of images and things.

Here’s my problem though.  I’m active in my local BDSM community.  2 to 4 times a month I go to parties that have naked people (of various genders and levels of attractiveness) doing some pretty crazy shit.  I participate in it too, just not the stuff that requires an erection, which honestly is most of it. You’d be surprised how little actual sex there is.  So my question is, is that going to make it more difficult to reboot?  Should I abstain from the parties until I’ve got my brain back to normal?  I REALLY don’t want to.  It’s an important part of my life and almost all of my social circle.  But if it’s going to stop me from being able to fuck then I think I’d do it.  The hard part will be going to the website the parties are organized through without being distracted by the images people share on it. 

I haven’t seen this mentioned in any of the stuff I’ve come across so far and would like to hear some thoughts on it.