PIED – Sex was amazing! Morning wood back


I have a success story. Last night I had sex without any pills. Erection was pretty good. 100%. Also, I was able to last for 30 mins!!!! Half of that time was an intense blow-job,

like very intense (my gf is so good at it now because we haven’t been able to have sex for months from Aug – Sep due to my flatline causing weak erections) and also the last 15 mins was pretty hard sex. Was amazing!

I feel as if a burden was literally lifted off my shoulder. I was so fucking happy!

Note: The first time I had to have sex last night I lasted like 1 minute. I felt so bad. Then tried again, and boom!!!

Also, mid-week (a few days ago), I’ve been waking up with morning wood (nearly 100%), hard to pee sometimes. Also, I noticed that my libido was pretty high. Had the urge to release / masturbate mid-week – and  I did on Mon and Thurs.

So I’m not sure if Masturbation causes any issues. I have drastically reduced masturbation since the start of my reboot in August. The one thing that I have dedicated to 100% eradicate is porn – which I have done.


By r_ryan85