Pornfree alone was not enough for superpowers

Got to 82 days, noticed a lot of changes and benefits and made progress in various aspects of life. Had reached pornfree streaks of over a month before.

But… it did not have the effect NoFap has on me.

The greatest benefit I find with NoFap is an “overwhelming” layer of emotion. This “overwhelming” layer of emotion is not overwhelming to me, but to my other emotions. When I fap, I’m strongly concerned with how I’m going to fulfill my sexual urges and how to control what others think of me. I’m self-centered and detached from others. I don’t care nor connect with anyone. When I’ve got this activity that I’ve wired myself to appreciate more than anything else in life, I don’t put much emphasis on everything else- they are just stepping stones to another time. This is why the timed occasional fap does not work- I still am looking forward to getting back to my more enjoyable activity. Fapping may not be as addictive as porn, but it still has the ability to suck the life out of its slaves.

After one week NoFap (I have made it to a month before), I am already feeling a greater appreciativeness of the friendly elderly woman at the store and have greater desire to make small talk with coworkers and less desire to be alone. Soon I will notice a lot of positive interactions with girls around my age. This is what will cause the greatest of urges- knowing that I enjoy girls in more ways than sexual but that I still have no one due to my focus on sex. This realization will make two desires fuel each other- to succeed at both Nofap and connecting with women I must give up the grim determination for sex.

It was hard getting to nearly 3 months pornfree. I had urges initially, then nearly none for a few weeks, then a bunch more once I hit 69 days. I think that this will have been a good start to succeeding at Nofap. I saw so many positive things come–dates when I hadn’t had any in years, participating in more social activities, coming back to my hobbies–that I will go with extra fuel this time not fapping. I now can tell which benefits and causes of relapses that come from pornfree vs nofap that I can rationalize suceeding at NoFap.

LINK – Pornfree alone is not enough for superpowers- why I will do Nofap this time

by discipleofnofap