Progress and insights after 3 years of trying


It’s been almost three years I discovered this wonderful nofap business, and I’ve put a lot of research and effort into it. My biggest streak was of ~45 days hard mode. But my average is of 5-6 days. I take medication for mental issues and I have to say I guess they help (I could be wrong though).

The reason I’m more motivated is because it’s the first time in ~3 years that I get this long time off of all drugs (weed, acid, molly, alcohol, tobacco. I’m an ADDICT). I’m some 40 days clean and serene, thank God. The reason I’m doing this is mainly spiritual, I want to be closer to God (I’m Christian), by doing His will in my life. And I know that porn and masturbation are a sin. (That’s MY Belief, so no judgements ok?).

Also, I found out that PMO is causing detrimental effects on my spiritual state, my cognition, poorer outcome in all areas of my life, causing me depression, Social anxiety, horrible mood swings, irritability, feeling like a loser, bad skin quality (acne).

I discovered that going “nofap hard mode” like I used to do, improves all of this conditions worsened by porn, and excessive masturbation. I’m two days in today. Wish me luck, I will keep you updated.

LINK – My journey of three years into this.

By cadhunter