Quitting PMO has not only changed my views and attitudes towards women. But also sex and relationships as well.


SINCE doing NoFap for nearly 40 days (at the time of writing). The changes in me are more apparent than ever. The most notable one has been where it concerns women. My attitude towards women has changed from not watching porn and masturbating – and all the better for it. There’s no longer an artificial attraction to people from the opposite sex.

I realise that there’s beautiful women around right in front of me. That I’m more attracted to, and get aroused by them. Not in front of a screen. The beautiful thing is that it comes naturally.

These sick and rather twisted fantasies that stem from watching porn, has been fading away – most likely to be from the brain fog clearing up over time. I don’t have them anymore. If I do, it’s not a regular occurrence. Suggesting that these fantasies are dissolving. Looking back, it makes me feel sick on how could I waste my time watching this vile content – and the gratification I got from it.

Since giving up porn and masturbation. I view women more as people, not sex objects, and treat them with respect. In pornography, women are being oppressed. They’re being objectified, and seen and treated like toys. If anything, porn is nothing more than displaying a sick fantasy from evil and greedy ‘film’ producers. More than likely to be a sick vision realised by men as well. That’s the sad and ugly truth about porn.

I no longer hold my head down in shame. From the mental clarity, I’ve gained from quitting porn. I’m much more confident, and can comfortably look them in the eye when seeing and speaking to them. Simply because I no longer have anything to hide. This dreadful skeleton that’s been lying around in my wardrobe, has been seen to and banished away. Good fucking riddance.

Being able to give and maintain eye contact with people in general. More so when speaking to women has been a big plus. I’m pleased seeing that I can make people smile, or even make them laugh while I’m speaking and interacting with them.I don’t want to sound like I’m blowing my own trumpet, but I get the impression that women find me more attractive. Though, this also comes from the other side effects from doing NoFap prior to that.

Quitting porn and masturbation – PMO in other words – has not only changed my views and attitudes towards women. But also sex and relationships as well.

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by FormerFapaholic