Recovered from sissy hypno


I just wanted to share my experience on quitting. My story is a little bit extreme so maybe some of you won’t relate. Sorry if this post breaks any rules. I decided it was time to quit when I was engaging in Sissyfication Hypno. My mind was completely fucked from these videos directly intended to brainwash you into being something you’re not.

I was an anxious person who never wanted to go outside. My skin started going pale. I stuttered when I talked when previously I had never had any speech impediment.

Among other things, I had friends ask me if I was okay, as I wasn’t acting myself anymore. I realized I wasn’t okay. Something was seriously wrong.

I decided it was time to fix my life.

I hit the gym and cut off the bad influences on my life, porn, drugs, smoking and alcohol.

I realized that deep down it was all for attention. After being single for a period of time, I fell into a deep porn addiction which lead to something worse. I seriously lacked intimate contact, it killed me as I fell asleep each night and woke each morning, after months it never seemed to go away. There was a hole in my heart.

I filled this hole by recording myself on an R18 Cam network. First as a male, then as a “Female”. I even made money. I had friends, and people that lusted after me.

I don’t know what happened, but one day I realized that normal people don’t act like this and I wanted to fucking stop. I was addicted to the attention, creating the content and watching twisted perverse things similar to what I was doing. I would do this for hours a day.

I didn’t know what else to do but to pray.

I prayed every day and every night, that I wouldn’t go back to who I was. I wanted strength to avert my eyes.

I went cold turkey, I threw all my ‘props’ into the trash and deleted all my social media, completely stopped using the internet for the following week. In that time I exercised, read books and studied for the upcoming semester. I hung out with friends who I hadn’t seen for a long time. I laughed, alot. I was genuinely happy.

That week was six months ago exactly. I haven’t looked back since. I’m still single as fuck but it no longer hurts any more. I’ve just finished the semester with the best grades I’ve ever had. I no longer have this fucked up mental fog, irritability, anxiety, inability to exert patience, inability to feel empathy, the list goes on as I’m sure most of you are aware of the common effects.

I was sitting outside today and realized how far I’ve come and the insane difference that beating a porn addiction had on my brain.

I just wanted to tell someone how much i’ve changed and how awesome it’s been.

thanks for reading

LINK – It’s been six months!

By tracksuit_