Severe PIED – 30’s and virgin until few years ago. It’s taken 3 years, needed to eventually eliminate masturbation

Just want to tell my story to give other people hope.

I am definitely in the top few percent of people with serious PIED. I am more than thirty years old, and I was a virgin until few years ago. When I had sex first time, or tried to, I could not get a boner at all. I became very relaxed too and I did not want sex. This was very surprising to me since I had stopped masturbating for a week before I tried sex. I had noticed a couple of months before this, that I did not get erections to porn. I did a little but it was very hard and I had to touch myself a lot to get a weak boner.

I then searched on Google and found Gary Wilsons video and started a reboot. For 6 months I had a few sexual encounters and I never watched porn. I had no erection at all. Not even close. I have always watched porn and masturbated daily, so I have probably had weak libido and no interest in girls for 10 years or more! I decided to get my libido back and I tried horny goat weed, maca, everything! I also stopped masturbating for long periods, however, this was tough since I was addicted to masturbation and I have PE so I often ejaculated even though I stopped watched porn!

After about 7 months I managed to have sex for the first time! I had to touch myself a lot and I came quickly. I was thrilled but the girl thought it was weird and told me I was too soft. I lost her.

Then I continued with no porn but masturbated about 2 times per week sometimes less, sometimes more. But then I stopped getting erections again! This has continued for 2.5 years without porn and no sign of progress, no morning erection and never hard enough for sex. I have tried to have sex with about 40 girls and failed! So I tell you I know how it is to fail!

I then decided to not touch myself at all since April this year. I never touch myself or masturbate. A few weeks ago something incredible happened! I started getting morning erections again and nocturnal erections! Some of them close to 80 %. Not every night. I then decided to see a girl, and she is not even that attractive, actually a bit fat and not my type although very sweet!

And I had erection, 100 % without even touching. And it held … I did not ejaculate because I told her about my problem and I know my progress has been lost due to excessive masturbation! But it was incredible!

I had erection for the first time in many years without even touching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So it has taken my three years to reach this state. Here is what I have done!

  1. Stopped watching porn completely
  2. Stopped touching myself completely since hard mode is really necessary for me. Since I have PE I have had way too many orgasms and I need to reset my brain. After hard mode since April I am finally out of flatline! Which I have been in for years!
  3. I work out and eat healthy

Don’t lose hope. It has taken me far longer than other guys. But I have been addicted to porn always and MO. So I needed to completely change my life. So 3 years is perhaps not that much! I thought I would never get cured. But now I am certain I am on the right path. Thank you for this knowledge. Without it I would have continued watching porn and masturbating and never had any libido or motivation to change.

LINK – Healing signs after 3 years!

BY – Blenderhead


I have been rebooting for 3 years and about a month ago I finally started seeing big improvements. I have not watched porn in more than 3 years. I have had severe ED, even with porn 3 years ago. I could not get it up for a whole night when I tried with a woman and I was shocked at that time. I have not really had morning wood either and most mornings my dick has seemed completely dead. I started noticing the problems about 3,5 years ago. My reboot process has been very non-linear and sometimes this made me wonder whether progress was really happening, but yesterday I finally had a breakthrough, I think. I started watching porn when I was 12 and masturbating regularly. At least once per day. This resulted in me never having a girlfriend until my thirties because I was very introverted partly because of porn, but I did not know. I even wondered many times if I was really attracted to women and I felt so weird. I even had the belief that I could never be with a woman. I then made a decision to learn to become good with women about about 3 years ago.It took me 6 months without porn before I finally had sex a couple of times. However, I continued edging after this, also fantasizing, so my progress was slowed down even though I masturbated much less than before this. I then had trouble for many sexual encounters after this in a period of 2 years (failed more than 30 times at least in a row), where I have flatlined most days and where I have only kissed girls and not been able to penetrate. I have had a few blowjobs but mostly only kissing and most times I was not hard. A few times during this reboot time I was hard … but mostly not!

Now after going hard mode for the first time in 5 months, where I have stopped fantasy and the little edging I had a habit of doing I have finally started waking up with morning wood. It’s started to happen almost every day and the morning wood is about 70-90 % and sometimes almost 100 % Mostly the erections fade away quickly for me, but I do not force it. Yesterday then I had sex! And I had a hard penis for 15 minutes straight. I used condom and I had feeling. I did however suffer from extreme PE. So I relaxed and took it slow, but it was really good! Now this morning I woke up with complete morning wood again and feeling like I can easily have sex!

My tips!

1) Don’t edge. It will really slow you down. Make it a habit not to touch yourself. Try to only have orgasm with girls if it’s possible and go hard mode for some months.
2) Stop fantasizing. Break this habit. Do productive things instead. This has been so difficult for me to break, since I have done this for years but now I am finally learning to live without sexual fantasy. Sex is not about fantasy at all!
3) Take it slow when you have sex. Get to know the women you date beforehand. It will take away the performance anxiety that is a part of it!
4) And stop watching porn obviously! Stop it completely!

The reason why it has taken me 3 years to get to this place is because I have not really had a girlfriend most of the time. I think I could have rebooted in 1 year or maybe 1,5 years if I had had a more clean reboot and a partner to rewire with instead of different girls. I really feel confident that I can have a lot of sex from this day forth! And I am really happy about learning to live fapfree and pornfree! Hopefully this story can inspire! It will probably be my last post, since I really reached a turning point yesterday!

UPDATE – Saw a great video with Gabe Deem and wanted to give an update

Hello guys!

It is nice to see that this community is still thriving and sharing important and truly life changing knowledge.

I have a reboot account here – so I don’t want to go too much into depth. I just want to update my story a bit.

Today I saw a story on Danish TV where a guy was brave enough to talk about his problem with girls and impotence. The guy on TV was a virgin and in good shape – not a single person talked about porn as a potential issue! Instead they used the same old psychological explanations about “performance anxiety”. This made me realize again just how grateful I am for this community that has really helped me a lot! There are so many (mostly young) people today who are addicted to porn without knowing it and they cannot see the negative consequences of daily porn use. It’s so difficult to find a solution to PIED without help because we are conditioned to believing that porn is healthy!

I just want to tell guys here that THEY WILL HEAL. I failed and failed multiple times and I went for 3 years without porn – 3 YEARS. I saw no improvements for the first two years and frankly I stopped believing in this PIED-theory – but I had nothing else, no other explanation for my state, so I decided to continue. Best decision of my life! After 3 years (including more than 6 months without ejaculating) my morning erections started to come back! I had not had such erections for years! Now I always have an erection when I wake up – it’s great.

I have a girlfriend now and we have absolutely no problem with sex. We have a great sex life and we have sex regularly. And I can even get hard just by visual stimulation.

So please, be persistent and listen to guys like Gabe and Gary Wilson. They can tell you much about the theory but in the end you have to walk the way yourself. You can read my reboot account if you want advice – although it is pretty chaotic. I am also telling my friends and others about the dangers of porn – but many are really skeptical. I believe this knowledge will become more mainstream in 5-10 years. Unfortunately most guys don’t realize it before PIED hits them and throws them into depression. But change your habits sooner rather than later. It’s much easier that way!

Hope you guys are all great and thanks so much for helping me change my life with this information!