Sex with my wife has become awesome again!


I quit fapping a couple weeks ago. I was doing it most mornings, waiting for my wife to get up and then jerking off to videos on my phone before getting up. Then I’d sometimes do it again once or twice throughout the day, depending on how much alone time I got or how quiet it was at work. Pretty damn sleazy.

I see it as a form of cheating now and am disgusted by my behavior. In the process of making various changes in my life in regards to diet and health, I decided to give up fapping… After almost 30 years of consistent self-gratification.

The benefits are unreal! Everybody on here is talking about it helping their anxieties and self confidence. I got all that, plus sex has become awesome again!

My sex drive was very low –imagine that– and when I did manage to get into it, I’d need a lot of work to actually finish. It was always by stimulating other areas and never by penetration and thrusting alone. Now I have a healthy orgasm requiring no outside stimulation (ok, it was my nipples).

I’m so much more attracted to my wife and this is boosting her self esteem as well and making life a whole lot better for us. Give up the fap!

LINK – Sex has become extremely intense and much more frequent since I stopped fapping.

By o0pafon0o