Sexaholics Anonymous helped me: ED cured, I am happy, cheerful, energetic, social, In healthy relationship

I am totally porn, masturbation, sex, lust free for 136+ days even I dont fantasize anymore! I am healed! I tried everything (psychotherapy, medication, avoiding triggers, using my willpower) nothing helped! even a bit! Only Sexaholics Anonymous helped me to cure my soul, my body. I was severe addict, now I am cured! Thanks God I have superpowers! (No Erectile dysfunction, No promiscuous sex, No cheating, It stopped my destructive and humilating fetishes, I am happy, cheerful, energetic, social, I have healthy relationship)

It changed my life and the least I can do is to share! Call me on skype: yusifli.ilkin Don’t hesitate, I can help!

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LINK – My Success story 136+ days and what worked for me!

by Ilkin_First