Social/general anxiety gone, Improved memory, energy, mood, well-being & self-confidence

Just wanted to thank you for all information provided in these forums, it has given me a lot of inspiration at the beginning of this journey. This was my first attempt ever to quit porn, and I have definately gone over 90 days without PMO.

I have lost count a while ago, because it has been extremely easy for me, simply due to the benefits I experienced and realised that the way my life has changed is much more important than self pleasure. I’ve gone from a grown boy to a grown man and it feels fucking awesome!

Yeserday I O’d with my new girlfriend after all this time and it felt great! Now I will be back to O’ing but definately only with real women and no PM ever again.

It was hard for the first couple of weeks until the routine patterns were broken. After that it was only getting better, however I had to use some willpower to resist the urge to watch porn sometimes.

Most of the benefits are mentioned on the forum, but here’s mine:

1) Self confidence improved greatly in all areas of life
2) Social/general anxiety gone, started interancting a lot more with people
3) Improved memory
4) Energy levels increased
5) More recognition at work
6) More respect from male friends
7) Able to speak and look into women eyes without shame, no more sexualizing.
8) Greatly improved mood and well-being
9) More time on my hands

These are the main points, I will add more in case any pops up in my head!

Thanks again Guys!

LINK – First try, over 90 days DONE. Massive benefits!

by Neverfapagain123321