Social phobia is dropping

I have been trying nofap for 2 years. First year was full of disappointments with longest streaks ranging between 4-8, and that occurred only occasionally.

2nd year I made a lot of progress with total abstinence during the months of April and August. In last 9 months (270 days) I have fapped only 76 days.

I started Nofap only and only because I had severe social phobia, so severe that it made be quit my uni. I was mentally unable to introduce myself in the class, make group discussions or give presentation before class.

My take on my social phobia is this that as I started fapping at a very young age, my brain got so weak (due to overuse of amygdala for PMO induced pleasure response) that even in certain social situation like introducing myself in the class, instead of my brain making me only little excited (which is normal), it flooded me with too much excitement (sweating, trembling, faster heart beat etc). My body then took the signal as “fight or flight” response and due to this experience my brain associated every social situation with fear. This was very irrational fear but it was very prominent and making my life hell. Then I started nofap with a hope.

I had only little hope. Since starting nofap, i always ran away from social situation because I could not bear any more embarrassment for trembling and sweating around people with no reason. However, yesterday my little hope on nofap made me happy. I went to a beginners yoga class with a friend of mine with hope to learn some yoga. But to my fear it was “introductory class” meaning we were needed to introduce ourselves to large group of people. This was so sudden, it was my fear looking at my face with smile of devil. Before starting Nofap, I had given more than 15-20 introduction and always ended with trembling voice, sweating palm, faster heart beats and EMBARRASSMENT. Now I was hoping to add one more defeat in my bucket. After few people’s introduction, my turn came, and then…….(I gave my introduction)……… after 5 minutes I was telling to myself “what happened to me? Why my voice did not tremble? Why my heart did not beat faster? Why I was not sweating?. Is my brain healing? I looked at my hands, they were solid still and dry. Yes, I was feeling little nervous, I did miss out few words and got blanked in few places of my introduction but that was normal and indeed a huge step for a guy like me. I felt so better afterwards. I feel that my social phobia is cured by 25%.

I know many of you will not understand my exaggeration for this phobia but I know that there are many people like me on board. I am sharing my experience for them. I want to give them a hope. I am trying to make a point to them that PMO might be OK for some but for some guys like them and me it is the root cause of social phobia. Try nofap. It will take time. I made only little progress with nofap in last two years but you can do much better. Be patient. If your social phobia is not due to some really serious mental condition, then I am sure that NoPMO will make you feel much better. For me, I am hoping to bring down social phobia by 100% with 90+ days.


  • My social phobia was extreme.
  • My Nofap streaks were in total hard mode.
  • I have been doing reverse counting-breathing meditation for few weeks, where I sit quietly, close my eyes and in mind count serially from 100 to 0 backward while breathing deeply with each breath. It quits my mind and relaxes me. It takes only 15 minutes.
  • I threw away my headphone. I dont know why but it was worsening my phobia.
  • Progress for me came slow. Before few months, PMO was so much imprinted in my brain that I used sleep-fap unconsciously. Now that imprint is gone. Now I sleep much better.
  • Do not weep on relapse. Every streak is a progress, even if it is of 3 days.
  • Good luck. (I dont come to reddit that often so excuse me if I dont respond you)

LINK – My social phobia dropped down by 25%

by koolhead36