Socially stronger and a little wittier, despite relapses

all great changes are preceded by chaos

So let me start by saying, I’m not new to all of this. I’ve done the research, read lots of posts here. I know what is going on. I’ve done the whole streak thing myself, but never going over two weeks. Many one week streaks and countless 2-3 day micro streaks.

Before I even attempted NoFap, I was your typical mess. Horrible at talking to women, nervous around them, etc. I was also very brain-foggy and unproductive. I struggled very hard through college with my studies and school work.

After going on my first aggressive week long streaks, I somehow either learned something about myself, or possibly rewired some of my brain.

After a while, even though I “relapsed” back into the habit miserably over and over, each streak I became somewhat socially stronger and a little wittier. No longer was I affected by brainfog day to day (still some says), and my social interaction with everyone got better, not limited to women.

Almost 2 years later from learning about NoFap, I’ve been so much better off social-wise, and I have almost zero anxiety when talking/interacting with women. And No I haven’t exactly scored a hot date from doing this, but that’s because I haven’t actually put the effort in because I don’t want to date, and I don’t want a woman in my life, not now and not in the near future, I’m happy being alone and being myself.

Now, You can choose to believe what you want. I believe NoFap did something to me to make me a stronger person. I still have ways to go if I want complete and full benefits but so far the motivation is in the results thus far.

If I do happen to streak it for a few days I do feel the mental super power powers rush back in, I do feel more creative and of course physically energetic, but that’s the testosterone talking I am sure.

The social issues I had in my life up until I tried out a few “streaks” .. you can call placebo, you can call BS, you can call “rewire” … whatever. It doesn’t matter. NoFap cured a lot of problems by freeing my mind up and showing myself who I really was, my brain liked it and it stuck that way. Even if it was Placebo…. it still took NoFap to get me to pay attention to the problem.

So that’s my story. Thanks for reading. I’ll be around this subreddit from now on, with this account.

LINK – An interesting revelation.

By byte256g