Success! severe PIED cured after 5 months of pornfree and nofap.

Made a throwaway for this, but I just want to thank the community for the help and support. May 1st 2017 was my first day porn free in years. I started when porn when I was around 14 and started MO even younger than that. I knew 3 months of pornfree wouldn’t be enough for me. Watched porn for hours at a time every other day.

I didn’t get morning wood or random boners. When I hooked up with a girl earlier this year I was completely dead down there. It was really embarrassing and I blamed it on the alcohol. (note: I have had sex before in my late teens and early 20’s but had a few year dry spell of heavy porn bingeing)

I did do some research and came across this subreddit and yourbrainonporn. I was shocked honestly, I had no idea porn could give you ED. wtfff. So that was enough motivation for me to quit porn for good. So the last few days of April I went through reddit and filtered every single porn subreddit. (holy shit, there’s thousands). It’s really sad how much porn is consumed on this site and the effects it has on people. Makes me wonder how many others are in the same spot. I destroyed my external hard drive of 500gb or porn.

I sort of regretted it at first, but now I for sure don’t regret it. Another thing I did was a put my pc in an open area in outside of my room so I would be less tempted to look at porn. I really limited my computer time and at one point just stopped using it all together. If you’re reading this and have trouble quitting porn I’d recommend just stop using the pc altogether. Maybe take out a part like the hard drive or remove a chord so the PC can’t run anymore Hide it, then put it back after you reset/rebooted your mind.

Without my PC sucking up most of my day I had a lot of free time so I got some new hobbies. Like cooking, gardening, kayaking, hitting the gym, biking, being more social and many more. The 1st month was the hardest, but I got through it and after that it was much easier. My new hobbies kept me busy and made it much more manageable. I did MO once in the first month. Was not worth it. But I never did PMO for those 5 months and will Never PMO again.

Fast-forward to now; I got a GF for the first time in years. Definitely wouldn’t have happened if I was inside my house watching porn for hours. I was able to actually have sex this week with no problems. My ED is gone, but I can tell I’m still healing.

Anyways thanks for reading, I just wanted to share a success story and thank the community for the help and support. I want people to know that YOU CAN BEAT THIS. If this helps motivate even one person to overcome this shitty addiction I’ll be happy.

LINK – success! severe PIED cured after 5 months of pornfree and nofap.

by 50230421