Success too late or is it never too late?


Ok guys I just wanted to tell you the same old super powers: got up crack ass of dawn, ran 4 miles and I am on vacation! Also noticed my voice is seems to have deepened even more this round. it’s been about a week since I have had sex with the wifey. We don’t have period sex at the end of each month so this is my peak time of my natural testosterone boost.

While I was running a few girls almost broke their necks looking at me lol. Some young super hot blond girl in her 20s at the bar was making eye contact with me several times. Also we were walking with the family and 3 East Indian girls passed and one of the girl’s made strong eye contact with me. I found this to be very interesting because from my past experience East Indian women do not stare they usually stay very focused and always look straight ahead. Also my wife told me she has seen several women check me out. Feeling pretty great about myself.

Those are all great things guys, and make me feel better, but a new benefit that I am noticing is that I am learning how to cope with the lack affection that I am not receiving. See I was a big baby before and still am somewhat and used p and m to cope with my anxiety, incompetence, sadness and all those other negative feelings.The only way I can theorize or compare it to is like letting baby in a crib that is crying, just to picked up, and I am the parent letting the baby learn how to cope on its own.

I am learning every day how to cope with all my emotions by not using p and m. P and M are not the root of the problem just a tool to mask these feelings. The real problem, the root is anxiety & depression. Once you give up p and m you realize that you need to take action and get your life on track and be responsible for your own happiness. This is a new success for me and I am ready to continue my fight and looking forward to improve even more.

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by Sruff