The world is a different place now


[Given] what nofap has done for me I thought it would be criminal not to at least write something on how positive the experience has been. I wasn’t exactly socially inept before the challenge and I wouldn’t say my life was out of control.

I’m already pretty into fitness as it is, I’d have routines and watch my diet like crazy which started when I wanted to lose weight from school as I was pretty fat.

But the last 92 days, jaheez, the world is a different place now son. It completely changes your perspective from thinking the world is out to get you to believing this world is full of oppurtinities and that it is your playground.

Let’s just have a quick comparison: 92 days ago I had weight round my middle I could never shift, I was in a relationship with a chick that didn’t respect me at all and I had pretty bad anxiety in any social situation with women (which I always just blamed on me being brought up in an all boys school).

I also bought into mainstream media way too much, buying into this “world will end any day now” mentality.

Now? Well, I have the energy to go to the gym twice a day, I’m putting my boss at work in his place for his failings as he’s a shit manager, I dumped my girlfriend and I’ve never been happier.

Honestly I can’t remember a time I was happy being single, I always felt like something was missing. Now the completeness comes from the inside, and woman notice this. Superpowers is a word overused on this sub Reddit, but honestly I talk to woman and now I just enjoy the experience, and I think that makes a huge difference in your interaction with them.

Dude if you’re stuck in a flatline or just can’t get yourself past a few days it’s cool, I did streaks of 30 days, 7 days, 40 days, then I convinced myself I could fap once a day, then I hit this streak. It took me a full year to get here.

As long as your attitude is right you will get there, I guarantee it. And another thing I’ve noticed, there’s a serious lack of confident men in this world! The sooner you catch onto this trick the better, because it 100% puts the world in the palm of your hands.

Anyway, same old gimmie line, I’m never doing it again. It just ain’t worth it. Besides, right now, touching myself just seems so….mundane. I wanna go out and fuck a girl with attitude and the ass to match, and I ain’t doing that sitting around tugging the slug. Good luck, you’ll make it when you want to. Peace

I’m 25

LINK – 92 day report

By Sozimhost