There are so many benefits, including – better singing, looks, extra energy, and studying

It has been an interesting journey so far in many aspects. I probably had 6 wet dreams along the ride and do believe that they have an impact on focus libido etc, although I’m back on track again after a few days.

There are so many benefits which evidently have been highlighted by many of you guys so I will pinpoint some I find unique…

– Singing: I play guitar and sing everyday and I find my voice a hell of a lot cooler and darker now. It is so to say much more power and the vibrato is something i never had before nofap.

– Studying: I study at the university and the focus and presence in reading as well as presentations makes me confident in my abilities at this level of studies with high pace.

– Looks: I do believe my looks also have changed, I look more masculine in both face and my posture. My favorite change is the aliveness I see in my eyes, so nowadays I make some serious eye contact when i brush my teeth.

With all this extra energy I’ve started running every other day, and my running has become more powerful, there is a bigger drive in my body to go fast, sort of more explosive in the muscles i guess.

But sometimes I don’t really know what to do with the energy. When I’m in school and we’re sitting down during group projects I feel like I could go crazy sometimes and I’m concerned that I might snap at someone. I think I have a lot of testosterone in my system.

Like the headline states I feel so much more alive and I CARE about both myself and others much more, for instance I’ve been calling friends I haven’t talked to in a long while just to chat about random stuff, which is so unlike me but probably the new me:)

Love, from Sweden!:)

LINK – 150 days of feeling alive

by CaptainOak