Tips on healing “performance anxiety” (which can accompany PIED)

I began to lose erections 6 months ago gradually when I was PMOing. One night I even couldn’t get it up and it became a TRAUMA for me.

It was such an embarrassing moment for a young man that I wished to be dead that moment.

I researched about my problem and found Nofap. For six months, I’ve never watched any P but there began a new obsession; I was always thinking about whether I’ll have an erection in a sexual intercourse. This thought made my life suicidal. When I heard a word like “sex”, I got anxious and thinkful about that fear. Having these impotence OBSESSION is the worst nightmare of a man.

I made a step and talked to my GF about this situation and wanted her not to expect me an erection during lovemaking. She agreed and we began to make love. Because the SO CALLED responsibility of maintaining and erection was not a stress on me, I just enjoyed kissing, touching, etc. and I realised that I have ROCKHARD erection 🙂 I just wanted my gf to give me a handjob and for the first time i ejeculated without my hands. After that experience, I feel like my manhood came back and I AM able to make love ENJOYING the moment.

Keypoints there for those who had experienced ED and it became an Obsession for them ;

  • Do not ever think about your erection anytime (It will happen,trust me)
  • Keep relaxed all the time, you’re not a sex machine, just enjoy it.
  • Ejeculation from partner’s effort is very IMPORTANT during process. Your brain is programming the dopamine balance as per the orgasm way (with partner alliance)
  • Once you achieve the success like me, please right it on the board so we all can help each other overcome this depressive feelings.

LINK – For those who have performance anxiety & ED obsession

by KJimmy91

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