Tried nofap, didn’t work, thought it was BS. Tried it again, superpowers appeared, insecurities overcome, life is looking great

Now I’m no stranger to the whole nofap thing, my friends introduced me to this about a year or more ago as they began PUA and I thought it was total bullshit—it’s the opposite. To prove them wrong I went 3 months without masturbating, I believe I edged a few times and even looked at porn so really I was defeating the purpose. I reached 3 months and felt nothing, dismissed it as bullshit and moved on.

However, I come here to tell you that they are in fact real. Recently I was masturbating about everyday and felt like shit. I felt depressed and wanted pussy but wasn’t going out and doing anything to get it. That’s where nofap kicked in. I decided i was going to try this again and what do you know? In 10 days my sex drive was higher than ever, my sleep better, my conversations deeper and more meaningful, and my skills at attracting the opposite sex were top notch. I noticed this. My friends did too. Usually I was the type to go to a party and get too shitfaced to do anything, now I was still getting drunk and all that however this time it was different… girls were giving me different looks and even gravitating towards my presence. They were hitting on me. As a person with strong insecurities due to my ex gf this was surprising and compelling.

Now I’m 24 days in and I’m in great shape. My gym workouts are more intense than ever, my sex drive higher, and im literally talking to each and every female that I want to get what I want and I’m often succeeding easily.

In these 24 days I’ve seen such a positive change in my life that I have to preach nofap to all of my friends. its simply gold. in these 24 days I’ve gotten laid about 4 times, gotten several girls numbers, had massive urges to have sex–not masturbate but to go out and get sex from the opposite sex; which to me is the biggest accomplishment that can come from nofap: The transition from “oh I’m horny I’m gonna fap” to “I’m horny lets go out and talk to some females and get lucky”.

tl;dr tried nofap didn’t work thought it was BS, try it again, works superpowers come out, insecurities overcome, and life is looking great

LINK – Superpowers are real

by jsflx