Was suicidal…like a lot of other young adults, now depression-free


Suicide attempts among young adults between 21 and 34 have risen alarmingly. This is incredibly unnatural. I [was] suicidal for 5 years. There’s this emptiness inside where you just don’t care about the world anymore. You go through life like a zombie. Staying inside 24/7 and doing absolutely nothing productive. No desire to do so in the first place. It’s a void of emptiness. Why the fuck should an otherwise healthy kid be in such a depressed state!?

Those have been 5 wasted years. I wanted to do it. So many fucking times. I felt like absolute fucking garbage. A waste of oxygen. Couldn’t take it anymore. One desperate search led me to a Nofap post. The post was about how Nofap helped the dude get a girlfriend. I was like “wtf is this Nofap? Do you have to pay for it? Probably some rip-off product”. Still, I looked Nofap up and my hearth began pounding with a rush of adrenaline. Everything fell into place. That was a year ago.

I’ve been free of my depression for a year now… Enough said. I’m not gonna add my 2 cents about the article. You all know what the deal is.

Porn is a huge contributor, but it accelerates one’s current problems into a snowball effect. The problem is that pretty much everyone does it while seeing it as healthy. Everyone has problems and stress and they unknowingly escape from it with PMO. It leaves you with this empty feeling and it gets worse and worse. For me, childhood traumas also contributed, but PMO took it to the next level 🙁

Just wanted to say that I fucking love you guys and more importantly, thank you.

I don’t know how to x-post, but this was a post from r/science and here is the article about the study.


LINK – Suicide attempts among young adults between 21 and 34 have risen alarmingly. (entire thread is worth reading)

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