Way more energy, Less brain fog, Far easier to talk to people and hold conversations!

Hey everyone, here is my one month report and the outcomes I have had from it. This is my second longest streak and the easiest one so far. I have been attempting noFap for about a year now but this is definitely the streak that will be for the rest of my life!

Let’s get straight to the point! 🙂

Positive Outcomes:

  • Brighter and more vibrant eyes (my eyes are sapphire blue now)
  • Clearer skin
  • More energy to skin/eyes, look more alive
  • Less social anxiety. I actually suffer from social anxiety and take medication for it. My medication is now reduced and in two weeks I will be eliminated from it COMPLETELY! This reduction has given me more energy and no negative social anxiety!!
  • Way more energy
  • More productive
  • More fit (I do elevated pushups every day).
  • Losing weight (ie, body fat).
  • Easier to wakeup in the morning
  • More open/alpha body language (ie. standing with arms behind you instead of crossing arms)
  • Talk with hands way more (when I do people listen to me more intensely)
  • Way easier to talk to people and hold conversations!
  • Eyes from females/men. Girls and even men will check me out more and toss me friendly smiles.
  • Less brain fog. I can think more logically and clearly.
  • Less giving a fuck. I do things for myself now but not in a selfish/arrogant way.
  • Less time spent on social media (ie. why should I impress people online?)
  • Take more care of my body (I cut my own hair and groom efficiently and neatly).
  • General more confidence (walking with shoulders back and chin high).
  • Women are MUCH more beautiful! This applies to body/face/ and the biggest: their personality!
  • Way more fucking happy!
  • Rock hard erections with pumping. Erections are quite easy to get even from texting a girl!
  • Porn: Does not interest me anymore… I feel as though I am better than a PORN watcher!
  • Way better worker at work, I am always working hard and reaching for the stars while others fuck around and not work.
  • Way more friendly/flirty with everyone I encounter!!
  • Annnnnnnnd I met a special girl whom I see myself dating soon!

Now with every positive there must be some negatives.

  • Most of the time you will be happy. However… once in a while you will wakeup and just feel like shit. I had one day like this during my 30 days 6 days ago where I was completely depressed to the point where suicide was on my mind. These days WILL happen you just have to push through!!. Imagine a mountain where there is a big crevice you must cross…. keep your eyes on the peak of the mountain!!
  • Wayyyyyyy more aggressive! This has it’s pros and cons. For example, if I drop a fork I will become very angry and intense for a minute before I calm down. This is due to the immense levels of testosterone (think of an aggressive tiger).

Now this is only after 30 days!! Have I upgraded from a peasant to a king? No I have not…. but I definitely upgraded from a peasant to a knight!!! I am excited to see the changes in my life after 90 days!!

The only person who can change your life is YOU, so stick to noFap and you will be rewarded in all aspects of your life!!! 🙂

LINK – 30 Day Report – Why You Should Stick to NoFap!!!

by Noimeryt